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According to our people outside the U.S. your translations of our technical information and general text were superb. Extremely pleased with the quality of the translations. The turnaround time was also excellent.

Your people did not know me or my company yet in just a short week and a half they had my project finished and I looked like a genius to my company.

Thanks to the Team of LS for the reliable assistance with timely translations into 5 different languages. Many thanks also for the patience while we had to amend the original text during the translational process. LS adopted all the changes promptly.

As a professional in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry, LS demonstrated excellent project management with Lily Sun and Mike Pelosi, from the life cycle management of the whole project. Timing, price, and value were the three cornerstones used and successfully executed for this project. We had a lot of work in a very short … Learn More

Evan and Jessica were so great to work with – they heard me out and understood my needs. They were able to go above and beyond to turn the project around quickly since they knew my stakeholders were on a short runway. Overall great experience and made my look great to my own clients. Thanks!

I am so pleased that I chose Language Scientific for this project. After reading the information available on the website, I felt confident in presenting the information to upper management. They (of course) were pleased with the quote. The management team was even more impressed with the timeliness for completing the project.

I want to make sure you know what an outstanding job your translators have been doing for my team for 2 years. They have devoted and inordinate amount of time and energy to do everything possible to make sure we complete our tasks on time.