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Ensuring precise and culturally relevant medical image data translation of DICOM files.

Medical DICOM File Translation

DICOM Translation Services

DICOM, short for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine, is the global standard for storing, exchanging and managing medical imaging information and related data. This standard is pivotal in ensuring that images and associated metadata are compatible across all medical imaging equipment and systems. Accurate translation of DICOM file metadata can provide vital context about medical images, such as patient information, imaging parameters and administrative details.

In the increasingly global landscape of the healthcare industry, proper localization of DICOM files is essential. Localization is not merely about translating the language, but also ensuring that medical terminologies, measurements and formats align with local standards and practices. For instance, translation of medical jargon or patient instructions can accurately prevent misunderstandings and ensure that healthcare providers across the globe can utilize the data safely and effectively, without compromising on clarity or compliance.

Translation and Redaction Challenges

Language Scientific understands the complexity and magnitude of DICOM files and has the tools, processes, technology and expertise to seamlessly redact and translate DICOM files accurately and expeditiously. Each patient’s dataset contains hundreds (or even thousands) of individual DICOM files. Within each of those individual DICOM files there are hundreds of metadata tags pertaining to the patient, visit, study, procedure steps, series, images, results, interpretation and equipment used during the imaging process. DICOM files are typically very large in size and contain extremely-detailed personal patient information.

We will work with you to customize your results; identifying all tags that should be redacted for each DICOM file, and extracting those that should be translated. Once identified, we’ll use our tools and personnel to perform the redacting, extracting, translation and review processes, ensuring anonymized and accurately translated data on all of your projects. We’ll then return your translated DICOM files back to you in their original format.

Accuracy and Compliance

Medical translation requires precision and up-to-date technical knowledge by every member of your translation team. It also requires multiple levels of quality control and a full understanding of Medical Translation Services’ stringent regulatory laws, especially for the US, the European Union and Japan. Proper localization helps maintain compliance with local privacy laws and regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the United States. Thorough and meticulous localization of DICOM files supports medical professionalism and accuracy and upholds the safety and privacy of diverse populations across borders. Language Scientific meets the highest level of quality in providing medical translation services of DICOM files.

Language Scientific Services

1. Text Redaction, Extraction and Translation of Metadata: Translation of textual metadata within DICOM files for over 215 languages.

2. Confidentiality and Compliance: Adherence to data protection regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA.

3. Technical Expertise: Proprietary Language Scientific technology and extensive expertise in medical terminology required for DICOM file translations.

4. Cultural Adaptation: Ensure that all translations meet both the cultural and legal standards of the target region.

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Why Choose Language Scientific for DICOM Translation?

1. Exclusive Focus on Translation of Medical Subjects: Language Scientific’s technical systems, human resources and Quality Control infrastructure are designed for the tasks and quality control requirements for the translation of DICOM files.

2. Specialization of Our Translators/Engineers: We match precisely the subject areas of the material with our Advanced Scientific Knowledge network (ASKnetwork™). Language Scientific translators assigned to your DICOM file translation project have extensive experience translation in the medical field. They hold advanced degrees as well as professional experience in their subject area. Our company philosophy is: If you can’t understand it you can’t translate it!

3. Industry-Leading Quality Management System: Our multi-part, quality process of controls and validation checks could only have been invented by engineers. It is described in more detail in the Quality Management and Certification section. Language Scientific’s Quality Management Systems hold the following certifications. ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015.

In addition, Language Scientific remains deeply committed to the security of your information, a responsibility we treat with utmost seriousness. Our information management system proudly holds ISO 27001:2013 certification.

4. Dependable and Customer-Focused Project Management: We always assign a primary project manager to every client, assuring a single point of contact, no matter how many individual client representatives need to interact with us during our work. This dedicated project manager will know and understand the customer’s specific requirements, preferences and personnel, and will be available to the client 24/7, keeping timelines and schedules on track and providing customized status reports on a weekly basis—or any other schedule required.

5. Cost Savings and Fast Project Turnaround: Language Scientific has designed and implemented a number of solutions and technologies that enable us to reduce client costs and the time required for translation of DICOM files.

Languages We Translate

Language Scientific provides clinical research translation services in over 215 global languages. This broad range of languages is often important when translating clinical trial documentation, due to increasing globalization of clinical research. Nevertheless, most of our medical translation work involves translation between English and the major world languages such as Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

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