We Ensure Quality Translation Services by Specialized Translation Professionals

Language Scientific is a leading provider of specialized scientific, medical and technical translation services in all the major European, Asian, American, African and Middle Eastern languages. Our specialization, focus, quality management processes and customer-centered attitude have earned us the trust of many of the world’s best technology and pharmaceutical companies that rely on Language Scientific for translation of their critical documents.

To provide reliable translation quality and enable us to issue a Certificate of Translation Accuracy, Language Scientific has developed a robust, multi-level system of translation quality assurance and quality management for all technical translation projects. We use a four-part system of quality checks and balances:

  • Selection of the translation team members with the right scientific qualifications for the project
  • Workflow that ensures a system of cross-checks, where every translation is examined by at least 3 technical translators
  • Utilizing state of the art translation technology for translation recycling, content management, document management, and reporting
  • Translation Project Management system that assures that all of client requirements are adhered to and ensures fast response to last-minute requests or unforeseen document changes

Language Scientific’s Quality Management Systems are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified.

In addition, Language Scientific remains deeply committed to the security of your information, a responsibility we uphold with utmost seriousness. Our information management system proudly holds ISO 27001:2013 certification, a testament to our dedication towards enhancing the security of our information systems constantly. This includes rigorous training for our team members on the importance of security and implementing stringent measures to safeguard the confidentiality of every document we handle in providing translation services.

Matching Specialized Translators to Technical Translation Project Requirements

Translation is an intrinsically human-factor driven process, and qualifying, accrediting and assigning the best personnel possible to each project is the first step of Translation Quality Management. The translator selection, accreditation and project-staffing procedures are outlined in the Accreditation Process for Scientific, Technical and Medical Translators and the Qualification Requirements for Scientific, Technical and Medical Translators sections.

Quality Translation is Ensured by Our Three-Step Validation System

To minimize the chances of an error or omission in language or information, Language Scientific requires that three pairs of expert eyes look at all content from the beginning to the end: translator, editor and proofreader. Every one of these specialists is a professional translator, a native speaker of the target language with a science degree and experience in the appropriate industry. Any differences of opinion among these linguists will be discussed with the translation project manager, who may then ask for the client’s opinion, if necessary.

To ensure the relevance of our work to users in target cultures, another staffing requirement is Language Scientific’s insistence that the linguists working on each translation project reside in different countries. While the finished documents will be going to customers in various countries, Language Scientific insists on having a combination of regionally-based as well as US-based technical translators and editors with native language abilities in the target language to review the translations before sending them back to our translation project managers for a final check on formatting and consistency.

For example, a scientific paper on the use of inhalers for children with asthma may be translated in the United States by a Mexican-born pediatrician. It is then sent to an immunologist in Colombia for editing—not only to verify correctness of medical terminology, but also to take account of all cultural sensitivities and remove any Mexico-specific idioms. The final proof-reading may be done by an Argentinean medical translator specializing in respiratory illnesses.

For larger projects, when more than one translator is working on a document at a given time, an additional Spanish native speaker will act as Editor-in Chief responsible for all final edits on the document to ensure consistency in terms of style and jargon throughout the life cycle of the translation project. This Editor-in-Chief will also be a native speaker of Spanish trained in clinical medicine. Furthermore, having years of experience as a chief scientific translator and editor, he or she will have a proven track record of maintaining quality control over large quantities of translations.

Translation Review and Customer Feedback

At the end of the project, the Translation Project Manager discusses with the client all aspects of the project, and asks the client to fill out a detailed Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire. The questionnaire gives the client the opportunity to rate numerically the various aspects of Language Scientific’s service on the recently completed project, as well as to provide qualitative feedback on the individual project, on the Project Manager’s performance and on satisfaction with Language Scientific’s offerings and services overall.

This feedback is communicated directly to the Director of Operations who may discuss it with the Project Manager and with the Operations Team. At the end of the project, the Project Managers also evaluate the performance and quality of the deliverable of each individual scientific translator and editor, and then enter all of this information into Language Scientific’s proprietary computerized workflow management and control system.

The final step involves a post-project assessment, where the Project Manager, the Account Representative and the Director of Operations review the quality of the deliverable, summarize lessons learned, and might make recommendations for process improvements.

Information About Our Scientific, Medical and Technical Translation Services