The Healthcare Industry is coming under increasing pressure to provide more cost-effective translation and interpreting services for limited English proficiency (LEP) patients. As the regulations for insurance companies and healthcare providers are updated, all patient-facing materials must be updated as well and distributed to patients in a language they can understand. It is widely acknowledged that insufficient access to information and healthcare services can adversely affect the quality of healthcare and have serious, even life threatening, consequences. According to the US Census Bureau results in 2000, 18% of the people aged 5 and over (47.0 million) speak a language other than English at home. Hence insurance companies and hospitals try to provide information pertaining to their health and insurance coverage in various languages, from Albanian to Chinese to Spanish for the US audience.

Language Scientific has been a longstanding partner for Healthcare companies, providing comprehensive and customized localization solutions as well as telemedicine and medical imaging report translation services. Language Scientific’s translators understand that patient-facing materials must be written at the patients’ reading level. Owing to a strict internal quality control protocol, Language Scientific is able to provide a Certificate of Translation Accuracy with each project. Our unique methodology that clients depend on delivers consistently clear, accurate translation of high-value information.

Language Scientific has extensive experience working with and creating custom solutions for: