Quality Translation Services by Trained Engineers, Doctors and Scientists

Language Scientific is a leading provider of technical translation services in the United States. Technical Translation and Localization refers to the translation of documents that target a specialist audience or require an understanding of specialized material that the general public would not typically have. Such documents may include technical manuals, clinical studies, CAD drawings, patents, etc.

Our operations are structured by subject area specialization. Translation and localization concerning medical, pharmaceutical, clinical research and medical device subjects is handled by our Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation Division.

Translation and localization for our customers in the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Chemicals, Electronics, Energy Information Technology, Semiconductor, Telecom and similar industries is handled by our Technical and Engineering Translation Division.

The Five Differentiators of Language Scientific

There are five major reasons why we are able to deliver translation of technical documents with such a consistently high level of quality:

  • Exclusive Focus on Translation of Technical Subjects: Language Scientific’s technical systems, human resources and Quality Control infrastructure are designed for the tasks and quality control requirements of the physical and life sciences, engineering, software development and related industries. Our divisional structure ensures that from cradle to project delivery your project is handled by professionals who understand your industry’s unique needs.
  • Specialization of Our Translators/Engineers: We match precisely the subject areas of the material with our Advanced Scientific Knowledge network (ASKnetwork™). All Language Scientific translators hold advanced industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, life sciences, medicine or similar technical degrees, and have professional work experience—not just translation experience—in their subject areas. The company philosophy is: If you can’t understand it you can’t translate it!
  • Industry-Leading Quality Management System: Our multi-part, quality process of controls and validation checks could only have been invented by engineers. It is described in more detail in the Quality Management and Certification section. Language Scientific’s Quality Management Systems hold the following certifications.
    • ISO 9001:2015
    • ISO 17100:2015
  • Dependable and Customer-Focused Project Management: We always assign a primary project manager to every client, assuring a single point of contact, no matter how many individual client representatives need to interact with us during our work. This dedicated Project Manager will know and understand the customer’s specific requirements, preferences and personnel, and will be available to the client 24/7, keeping timelines and schedules on track and providing customized status reports on a weekly basis—or any other schedule required. Each Project Manager has a backup who is able to step in when the primary project manager is out sick or on vacation.
  • Cost Savings and Fast Project Turnaround: Language Scientific has designed and implemented a number of solutions and technologies that, in most circumstances, enable us to reduce client costs and the time required to provide our services.

In Sum: Why Choose Language Scientific to be your Translation and Localization Services Partner

Requirements change. Budgets adjust. Emergencies happen. Language Scientific has proven its ability to adapt and thrive in a wide variety of circumstances. You can rely on Language Scientific to be your international communications experts.