Translation and Software Localization Services for the Consumer Electronics Industry

Cell phones, IPods, MP3 players, Handheld PDAs, GPS devices, satellite radios and other consumer electronics are being constantly researched, designed, manufactured, updated and used globally. There is significant competitive pressure to change the look and feel, update the functions and reduce price while reaching more consumers rapidly. In order to reduce costs, the content of the software (UI, help & documentation) and websites are localized into several different languages and released simultaneously. Even at the back end, manufacturing is moved to new locations to take advantage of lower labor costs. To ensure significant ROI, global businesses invest in effective communication in multiple languages to maintain the brand image, consistency and quality control in all locales, at all times.

Language Scientific’s globalization team offers in-house Engineering and Desktop Publishing Support to facilitate quick turnaround and ensure cost-effective localization. Language Scientific uses the latest technology to guarantee consistency and top quality.

Depth of Localization Expertise in Consumer Electronics

Language Scientific has been a long-standing collaborator in the Consumer Electronics sector. We help consumer electronics companies such as Sony, Samsung and Philips localize their devices for multiple global markets and translate their manuals and collateral into more than 215 languages. Language Scientific provides comprehensive and customized localization solutions that are cost effective and guarantee swift turnaround times. Language Scientific’s unique methodology results in consistently clear, accurate translation of the competitive, high-value information that clients depend on.