Hospital translation services can be critically important. A mistranslation in medical subject matter can be a matter of life and death. Hospitals across the United States depend on Language Scientific’s translators who are are medical experts, not just language experts.

The US population of individuals who speak limited or no English is growing rapidly. According to the US Census Bureau results in 2000, 18% of the people aged 5 and over (47.0 million) speak a language other than English at home. To meet the needs of the growing LEP (limited English proficiency) population, hospitals work to provide information pertaining to health and insurance coverage in various languages, from Albanian to Chinese to Spanish.

As regulations for hospitals and healthcare providers are updated, all patient-facing materials must be updated as well and distributed to patients in a language they can understand. It is widely acknowledged that insufficient access to information and healthcare services adversely affects the quality of healthcare and can have serious, even life threatening, consequences. Language Scientific’s patient data translation practice, specializing in medical imaging report translations and telemedicine helps to make sure all information is accurately localized.

Language Scientific has been a longstanding partner for hospitals, providing comprehensive and customized localization solutions. We work in over 215 languages covering virtually all languages encountered at hospitals in the United States. Our strict internal quality control protocol allows us to provide a Certificate of Translation Accuracy with each translation project.

HIPAA Compliant, Patient-Centered Translation Services

All our translations follow HIPAA compliant processes and all interpreters and translators sign a strict code of conduct and confidentiality agreement to safeguard patient privacy.

In a hospital setting, translations may have any number of target audiences, from LEP patients to medical students, doctors to employees or even medical researchers. Our medical translators for hospital translation projects understand medical content and terminology and can communicate at target’s level of understanding.

We match our translators and interpreters medical expertise and native language to the specific needs of each project. It is our precise matching of subject matter with target matching that makes us unique. For example, all patient-facing materials must be written at the patients’ reading levels.

Depending on a given project, we may select translators with a Masters of Public Health, a Register Nurse, Doctor of Internal Medicine or a specialist in renal cell carcinoma to ensure the final translation will be most effective.

Sample documents we translate for Hospitals

Our Medical Interpreters and Translators have expertise to cover a wide variety of hospital document translations. Here is a sample of the types of documents we translate for hospitals:

  • Applications
  • Hospital Brochures
  • Patient Education Materials
  • Aftercare Patient Instructions
  • Hospital Communications
  • Patient Handbooks and Brochures
  • Case Report Forms
  • Hospital Employee Manuals
  • Patient Records
  • Clinical Study Protocols
  • Hospital Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Plan Participation Forms
  • Denial Letters
  • Hospital Transcriptions translation
  • Product Labels
  • Directions for Use (DFU)
  • Informational Videos
  • Public Health and Hospital pamphlets
  • Discharge Patient Instructions
  • Informed Consent Forms (ICF)
  • Public Health surveys
  • Eligibility Notices
  • Journal Articles
  • Research Reports
  • Financial Assistance Forms
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Signs and Placards
  • Healthcare Booklets
  • Medical Records
  • Terminations of Services and Benefits
  • HIPAA Waivers
  • Modification Notices
  • Lab Test Results
  • Hospital and Insurance Reports
  • Notice of Right to File Grievances and Appeal
  • Patient Medical History

Other Hospital Language Services We Offer

In addition to medical translation services, Language Scientific offers a variety of language services to hospitals, including: