Language Scientific Translation Tools

As a leader in language services for medical, scientific and technical organizations, we provide accurate, culturally sensitive, cost-effective translation and localization services for more than 215 languages. Our customized, proprietary technology translation tools maximize translation quality and efficiency while minimizing cost and time-to-market.

Language Asset Management System (LAMS)

Our proprietary system includes web-based case management, enabling online bug tracking, monitoring and reporting. We use proprietary source control management tools to ensure version control. LAMS enables us to efficiently manage the quality, visibility and cost-effectiveness of your project at every stage:

  • Project Initiation and Tracking
  • Translation Asset Management
  • Enterprise Document and Review Collaboration
  • Financial Reporting

Translation Memory (TM)

This segment-by-segment database stores every translation to be recycled and reused, which maintains quality and consistency while enabling multiple Knowledge Experts to work concurrently, reducing cost and speeding delivery.

Fuzzy Matching  for Translation Memory

Fuzzy matching is applied to Translation Memory to analyze your quotes to best determine cost and time for performing the project. We apply fuzzy matching to your existing Translation Memory to reduce translation costs and turnaround times, to deliver you optimal translations with minimal expense.

Terminology Database

More than just a glossary, this web-based collaborative tool combines pre-approved terms, images and reference materials for LS Knowledge Experts to share in real-time, enhancing consistency and speeding the translation process.


ASKNexus matching software uses our professional methodology to match native language subject matter experts and precise professional experience to select the perfect team for your translation project needs.


CheckIt! software analyzes document differences between languages (fonts, paragraph breaks, number of spaces, etc.), enhancing quality assurance.

Human Enhanced Machine Translation (HEMT)

This unites a human editor with machine translation to save time and money while providing translation accuracy and clarity.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

This cutting-edge language analysis uses parsing and segmentation to optimize content by normalizing language, dramatically reducing the scope of translation work.

We guarantee that any translation project large or small gets the same commitment to quality and dedication to customer service. We deliver reliable, high quality translations with confirmed turnaround times at competitive prices.