Translation Isn’t Rocket Science—Except When It Is!

Language Scientific, Inc. is a leading US-based technical and medical translation company. Our company was founded in 1999 by a group of international scientists and engineers working together on a nuclear non-proliferation project for the US Department of Energy. Discovering countless pages of inaccurate, unclear and sometimes outright dangerous translations of this highly sensitive technical material, they formed Language Scientific with the mission of setting a new quality control standard for technical translation.

Recognizing that other industries rely on the same degree of scientific expertise and technical precision when conducting their translations, Language Scientific soon expanded to address the greater needs of the engineering, scientific and medical industries.

In September 2011, the company changed its name from RIC International to Language Scientific.

Language Scientific Today

Language Scientific has grown an Advanced Scientific Knowledge network (ASKnetwork™) to more than 6,000 highly specialized translators with advanced degrees and extensive training in the natural, physical, engineering and medical sciences. We provide translation and localization related services in over 215 languages to the US Government and large and small corporations in over a dozen industries, including:


Setting Quality Standards in Technical Translation

Language Scientific has pioneered new standards of quality in the translation industry by utilizing translators that have advanced degrees and work experience—not just translation experience—in the same technical disciplines as our clients’ business operations. Our unique interest in working with science and technology companies has given us the opportunity to explore and solve international communication problems in which language and technological subject matter interact in complex ways. With over eighteen years of experience in helping our clients overcome these challenges, we have developed efficient and robust project management and quality control systems that enable us to be the most meticulous translation company in the industry.