Translation and Localization Services for the Architectural and Engineering Services Industry

Companies that provide architectural and engineering solutions must communicate with engineers and business decision makers. Eventually the content must also be accessible to the end users of their products and services. Throughout the process of procurement, design, engineering, execution and maintenance, the Engineering Services provider must ensure adequate communication as part of their solutions package.

Often this communication needs to be translated into various languages. In order to translate it correctly, one MUST understand the source correctly.

If You Don’t Understand It, You Cannot Translate It!

To illustrate, can you explain the following terms in the context of power generators?


If you do not have a background in engineering and you have not worked with generators, you might not be able to explain these items, let alone translate them adequately into another language. Language Scientific’s technical translators are Subject Matter Experts with a solid background in engineering that makes it possible for us to provide accurate translations.

Our Specialized Translation and Localization Services

Language Scientific has been a long-standing collaborator with Architectural and Engineering services companies to enable effective communication in more than 215 languages. We provide comprehensive and customized localization solutions that are cost effective and guarantee swift turnaround times. Our unique methodology delivers consistently clear, accurate translation of high-value information.

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