Translation of Electronic Materials

Electronic Engineering covers a wide range of products used in manufacturing and consumer electronic goods. From circuits and mother boards to transformers and semiconductors, these products are developed by engineers for engineers. Often the research, product development, marketing and sales for such products is dispersed amongst different locations. This enhances the need to communicate effectively with experts, engineers, manufacturers and eventually the sales team and prospective clients. Needless to say, precision in understanding the concepts and products is crucial to effective communication.

For instance in the sentence: “The compressor enclosure and skid has provision for bolt down via bolt down lugs,…” it is vital to understand the context, and be familiar with the machine, in order to communicate this correctly in any language. A diagram may not be enough to communicate this information—it requires hands-on experience working as a mechanical engineer.

Language Scientific has been a longstanding collaborator in the Industrial Manufacturing sector, working with clients in the Automotive, Chemicals, Consumer Electronics, and Electronic Engineering fields, to enable effective communication in more than 215 languages. Internationally known for precision and high standards, Language Scientific provides comprehensive and customized localization solutions that are cost effective and guarantee swift turnaround times. Language Scientific’s unique methodology results in consistently clear, accurate translation of the competitive, high-value information that clients depend on.

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