Language Scientific is a full-service corporate language services provider. We translate and localize to/from over 215 languages, and we interpret into/from over 215 languages, including all the major European, Asian, American, African and Middle Eastern languages.

With over 215 languages, Language Scientific supports almost any language. If however, you have very specific language requirements, please contact us and we will work with our ASKnetwork™ to add it.

Asia-Pacific Languages

Asia-Pacific is the largest region and language grouping we work with. Asia-Pacific covers a large part of the globe including the majority of the continent of Asia (with some exceptions) and the many islands and nations throughout the Pacific ocean region (sometimes referred to as Oceania. The languages of Asia-Pacific are part of many language families, including Sino-Tibetan, Altaic, Mon-Khmer, Tai-Kadia, Austronesian, Dravidian and Siberian.

Click on the links for a more in-depth look at the Asia-Pacific languages we translate, interpret and localize:

Other languages may also be considered Asia-Pacific languages. If you do not see a language you need on the list above, please check our long list of languages we translate. We translate and localize all the world’s major languages, and we are sure to work with any language you require.