Language Scientific is a full-service corporate language services provider. We translate and localize to/from over 215 languages, and we interpret into/from over 150 languages, including all the major European, Asian, American, African and Middle Eastern languages. Language Scientific supports almost any language. If however, you have very specific language requirements, please contact us and we will work with our ASKnetwork™ to add it.

Below are links to a more in-depth look at some of the language groups we translate, interpret and localize:

Translation for Languages in the Americas

Translation for Western European Languages

Translation for Eastern European Languages

Translation for Northern European Languages

Translation for Asia-Pacific Languages

Translation for Middle Eastern Languages

Translation for Indian Languages

Translation for African Languages

  • Afrikaans
  • Fulani
  • Moore/Mossi
  • Swahili/Kiswahili
  • Akan
  • Hausa
  • Ndebele
  • Tigre/Tigrinya
  • Algerian
  • Ibo/Igbo
  • Nuer
  • Tshiluba
  • Amharic
  • Kinyarwanda
  • Oromo
  • Tsonga
  • Arabic
  • Kirundi/Rundi
  • Portuguese/Cape Verdean Creole
  • Tswana
  • Bambara/Bamanakan
  • Krio (Sierra Leone)
  • Pulaar
  • Twi
  • Berber
  • Luganda/Buganda
  • Shona
  • Wolof/Ouoloff
  • Bravanese
  • Malinke
  • Somali
  • Xhosa
  • Cape Verdean
  • Mandingo
  • Soninke
  • Yoruba
  • Ewe/Evhe
  • Mandinka
  • Sotho
  • Zulu/isiZulu
  • Fante

Translation for Other Languages

  • Ancient Greek
  • Latin
  • Yiddish

Contact Us

Please call us at 1-617-621-0940 or email us at to find out how Language Scientific can help you meet your translation requirements.