Language Scientific Localization and Internationalization specialists have prepared a short Localization Process Outline for the benefit of our clients.

A. Preparation of Files prior to Localization

  • Analysis of the product and assessment of the level of its Internationalization
  • Freeze source code
  • Terminology research and Glossary development
  • Create a Localization Kit (see below)
  • Pre-production planning, creation of a project schedule, setup of the project team

B. UI Localization: Translation and Adaptation of User Interface

  • Isolate translatable strings from the software
  • Select and load Translation Memory created in prior translation projects
  • Translate and edit software strings
  • Finalize UI bilingual glossary
  • Re-size dialog boxes
  • Adapt accelerator keys, tool-tips, tab order, menu options, buttons, sorting orders in list boxes

C. UI Localization: Testing and Delivery

  • Functional testing of the localized product
  • Linguistic testing of the localized product
  • Client Review of UI
  • Freeze localized UI

D. Localizing Online Help and Translating Documentation

  • Screen Captures taken and incorporated in documentation
  • Help files and documentation translated and edited
  • Compile help files
  • Format translated documentation
  • Online Help Testing (including consistency checks against localized software)

E. Client Review and Implementation of review changes

F. Update Translation Memory, prepare for the next software release

Software Localization Kit

For appropriate projects LS also creates a localization kit which includes:

  • Source files for translation
  • Reference materials
  • Style guide
  • Contact information
  • Templates for query handling
  • Review process
  • Schedule tracking