As a leader in quality translation and localization services, Language Scientific offers a Certificate of Accuracy to all our clients. We can certify our translations and localization’s because of the high technical standards we set for our translation and localization teams.

Our Certificates of Accuracy comply with all international standards and include:

  • Original document in the source language
  • Translated document in the target language
  • Sworn testimony/verification of the translation
  • Signature notarized by notary public

The Certificate of Accuracy verifies that the translation is true, accurate, complete and correct and that the translation was performed to the best of the translator’s ability.

Some agencies require certificates of translation accuracy be notarized. We notarize all Certificates of Accuracy.

We offer two types of certification of accuracy:

Notarized Certification of Translation Accuracy

This is a hard copy notarized certificate that is issued at the end of translation and localization projects for the set of deliverables. Here is an example of a Certificate-of-Translation-Accuracy

Electronic Certification of Translation Accuracy

This is an electronic stamp on each page of the translation. This is typically used when translating patient records, but can be given to help you comply with any of your customer or process requirements.

Whether you need a Certificate of Accuracy to comply with customer requirements or process mandates, or if you just want the peace of mind, we stand by our translation and localization processes and are able offer a Certificate of Accuracy to all our work.