RxTran Announces New Vice President of Sales and Marketing

RxTran’s language services help pharmacies and save lives. I am excited to join this innovative company with its patent pending pharmacy translation solutions.

Medford, MA  January 27, 2014

RxTran (a subsidiary of Language Scientific, Inc.®) has announced the addition of Sharon Blank to their executive team as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Blank brings over 20 years of sales experience to RxTran, with a background working in the biotech, pharmaceutical, healthcare, information technology and market research industries.

Before joining RxTran, Blank served as Vice President of Sales and Operations at BCC Research for eight years. Blank has also held several key sales leadership roles for companies such as Fisher Scientific, Sybase and Educational Multimedia Inc. Blank will be responsible for strategic planning, business development and expanding new growth opportunities.

“Sharon’s experience and leadership will help RxTran to increase awareness of their pharmacy language services among pharmacies and limited English proficient populations,” says Leonid Fridman, President and Founder of RxTran. “As we continue to grow, we are happy to welcome Sharon and know she will be an effective leader for our sales and marketing team.”

RxTran has been growing steadily the past three years and is focused on cultivating a strong presence within the pharmacy industry. RxTran’s written translation of prescription drug information and on-demand phone interpreting significantly boost medication adherence among limited English proficiency (LEP) patients who may otherwise not understand how to appropriately take their prescription medications.

It has been estimated that twenty-two percent of all hospitalizations are a direct result of patient non-adherence to prescription medication directions for use. RxTran translates and interprets prescription information, boosting prescription adherence among LEP patients.

“RxTran’s language services help pharmacies and save lives,” says Blank. “I am excited to join this innovative company with its patent pending pharmacy translation solutions. I look forward to increasing RxTran’s client footprint as well as to becoming further involved with existing clients.”

RxTran is the only provider of pharmacy language services to offer both written translation and verbal interpreting that meets all state and federal pharmacy language laws. RxTran offers pharmacies an online library of pre-translated prescription drug information (directions for use (SIGs), auxiliary warning labels and patient education sheets), which is available to print directly onto prescription labels or in supplemental forms, and distribute to LEP patients.

RxTran also offers On-Demand Phone Interpreting that gives pharmacies 24/7 access to trained interpreters, enabling pharmacists to verbally communicate with LEP patients in seconds. Other language solutions that RxTran offers pharmacies include website translation, pharmacist language proficiency testing and multilingual marketing collateral.


About RxTran
RxTran provides pharmacies with language services, offering an online library of pre-translated written prescription drug information in 17 foreign languages and phone interpreting of verbal instructions into over 150 languages. For more information, visit: https://www.RxTran.com or email: info@rxtran.com