Language Scientific is proud to announce a new collaboration with Oxford University Innovation for translation, linguistic validation services and COA management services.

Medford, MA June, 10, 2020

Language Scientific, Inc., the leading medical and scientific translation company, is pleased to announce a new innovative collaboration with Oxford University Innovation Ltd, the premier provider of Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) management services. This strategic collaboration will allow for COA copyright owners and authors to reduce the time they spend managing health outcome measures as well as enable their instruments to be widely used in global study sites through robust translation, linguistic validation and cognitive debriefing of clinical questionnaires.

Reaching the widest possible audience whilst protecting the integrity of the instrument can be difficult when managing a COA instrument in house. It can become burdensome keeping track of users, licensees, translations, platforms and unauthorized or improper use of your COA. The Clinical Outcomes Team at Oxford University Innovation (The University of Oxford’s wholly owned technology transfer company) specializes in the dedicated, world class professional management of COA Instruments. They offer industry leading expertise assisting with COA development through their experience in managing all aspects of the licensing process, user support and comprehensive creative marketing.

Language Scientific’s experienced project managers, certified translators, in-country investigators, clinicians, psychologists, linguists and other professionals ensure that the linguistic validation of COAs and eCOAs are both culturally appropriate and conceptually equivalent. Language Scientific’s Linguistic Validation services verify that translations of all items are interpreted in the same way across target populations and regions and have the same content validity. This ensures that measurement properties of the items will be the same across different language versions of the instrument and that data can be validly pooled across international sites and that the process will meet FDA and EMEA guidelines.

Oxford University Innovation is collaborating with Language Scientific to provide linguistic validation and translation services because of LS’ extensive experience and highest quality reputation in assisting clinical, medical and scientific organizations. Language Scientific has over 20 years of experience providing clinical translation, linguistic validation and cognitive debriefing services in over 215 languages to customers such as Amgen, Merck Healthcare KGaA, Eli Lilly, Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Novo Nordisk and Roche. Their team of industry expert linguists and clinicians reside in over 120 countries and are assigned to a project based on their experience in the appropriate therapeutic area.

“At Language Scientific, we craft unique solutions for leading pharmaceutical companies and universities. This has enabled us to create a successful linguistic validation practice focused on providing the highest quality service to our customers” says LS CEO Sharon Blank. “By leveraging our native speaking medical professional linguists, we are able to provide the highest quality translations for our partners. Language Scientific is always looking to collaborate with highly respected organizations that put quality first such as Oxford University Innovation. I am thrilled to be announcing our partnership and look forward to leveraging our extensive Linguistic Validation and Cognitive Debriefing experience.”

“The Clinical Outcomes team at Oxford University Innovation prides itself on providing the highest quality services for our clients, so I was very pleased to find a delivery partner in Language Scientific who share our passion for quality in service delivery” says Dr. David Churchman Clinical Outcomes – Business Manager. “I am really pleased to be able to offer our clients the services of a highly specialized company such as Language Scientific, that puts the high quality of their translations first and foremost.”


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Clinical Outcomes (at Oxford University Innovation) is a UK-based company, solely owned by the University of Oxford, specializing in the management and support of high-quality Clinical Outcome Assessments. The Clinical Outcomes team has been active in supporting COA users for over 14 years and represents the wishes of COA developers from within academia, healthcare providers and commercial organizations. Our international clients, which includes over 750 new users every year, covers the healthcare spectrum including academic research, publicly and independently funded healthcare providers, medical device companies and the pharmaceutical sector. For more information, visit or email