Back Translation Services

Language Scientific offers back translation and reconciliation services for any translation or Back Translation Iconlocalization project. Our back translation and reconciliation services give you additional quality and accuracy assurance for your most sensitive translation and localization projects.

Our processes adds two extra quality assurance stages to our translation process. In addition to translation, editing and proofing, by three independent, native-language subject matter experts, we add two more opportunities to assess and refine your translations.

Both back translation and reconciliation are important when you have high value content that you need translated across languages with as much peace of mind and certainty as possible that the exact meaning is conveyed.

Our back translations help to evaluate of equivalence of meaning between your source and target texts. A back translation allows you to compare translations in any language with the original text for quality and accuracy, helping you satisfy any legal and regulatory requirements.

We Use Independent Back Translation Teams

When performing your back translations, we use independent teams of translators who are subject matter experts and who have had no involvement or contact with the original source text to render the translated text back into the original language.

Both our forward and back translation teams consist of native language subject matter professionals in fields related to the translation subject, who are also linguists.

All our back translations are performed by independent, separate translators who have not seen the original source document or material, which ensures that back translations are not influenced by the forward translators and that your back translation remains unbiased.

Reconciliation Services

During reconciliation we make adjustments as needed to optimize your final translation. We compare your original source material with the back translation to look for discrepancies where the meaning is confusing or even slightly different and that nothing was lost in translation.

If any discrepancies are found we trace them back to find out exactly where they happened. We may consult with the original translators to question them and to make adjustments to the translation. The Project Manager repeats this process for all discrepancies found within the Reconciliation Report until the source material and the back translation match for equivalence of meaning.

Under reconciliation we go back, edit and make fixes to the original translation delivering you a reconciled translation that is optimized for accuracy and equivalence of meaning.

Reconciliation Report

After performing a back translation, we generate a report that outlines all items that could be potential issues. This “Reconciliation Report” makes note of any/all potential discrepancies.

For example if the forward translation says use this medication to prevent cough and the back translation says use this medication to remove cough then there are differences in meaning to the words prevent and remove.

A final Reconciliation Report is usually submitted to you along with your optimized reconciled translation. This report explains discrepancies (such as mistranslations, cultural differences, etc.) that were discovered in the forward translation by performing the back translation and how these were addressed.

We Provide Back Translations And Reconciliations For All Project Types

We perform high quality, back translations and reconciliations for all types of translation and localization projects. We regularly execute back translations and reconciliations for a variety of projects, including the sampling below.

  • Assessments
  • Patient Questionnaires
  • Advertisements
  • Patient-Facing Clinical Documents
  • Client Satisfaction Assessments
  • Patient-Facing Forms
  • Clinical Study Assessments
  • Pharmaceutical Queries
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Polls
  • Linguistic Validation
  • Promotional Claims
  • Market Research
  • Protocols
  • Market Surveys
  • Psychological Examinations
  • Marketing Materials
  • Recruitment Ads
  • Medical Forms
  • Research Study Protocols
  • Patient Diaries
  • Sociological Studies
  • Patient Instructions
  • Surveys

Learn More About Our Back Translation And Reconciliation Services

Whether you are looking for back translation and reconciliation services to satisfy legal or regulatory requirements or if you are looking for you peace of mind that your translations are optimized for quality and accuracy, our back translation and reconciliation services deliver you the precise global communication you are looking for.