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Language Scientific, Inc.® is a US-based translation agency. We specialize in providing medical, engineering and technical translation and localization services in all European, Asian, Middle Eastern, African and American languages. Our specialization, focus, industry-leading quality management standards and customer-centered attitude have earned us the trust of many of the world’s best technology, engineering, bio-medical and pharmaceutical companies.

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There are five major reasons why we are able to deliver translation of technical documents with such a consistently high level of quality:

Our Clients

Language Scientific works with more than 1500 clients. This clientele ranges in size from Fortune 1000 multinationals to small emerging companies.

We offer a unique depth of subject-matter expertise via our Advanced Scientific Knowledge Network (ASKnetwork™) and globalization know-how for companies in the Aerospace & Defense, Chemical, Clinical Research, Energy, Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Technology and related industries. Our ASKnetwork™ of over 6,000 specialists comprises multilingual engineers, doctors and scientists working in over 75 countries on 5 continents.

Language Scientific’s unique Accreditation Program for Technical and Medical Translators, along with a rigorous Quality Management System, ensures the quality standards that our clients have come to depend on. Our Quality Standards and Methods are described in detail in the Quality Management section. Language Scientific’s Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified.

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