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Language Scientific provides high quality Arabic translation services, supplying technical, medical and scientific translation, localization and interpreting into and out of Arabic. We are a US-based language services company serving over 1,500 global corporations. Our specialization, focus, industry-leading quality management standards and customer-centered attitude have earned us the trust of many of the world’s best technology, engineering, biomedical and pharmaceutical companies.

Our approach to translation quality management is founded on the principle that engineering documents should be translated by professional translators who are also engineers, and medical documents need to be translated by linguists trained in the medical sciences. We use a combination of advanced people, certified processes and applied technologies to deliver you a better translations experience. We deliver reliable, high quality translations with confirmed turnaround times at competitive prices.

Language Scientific has two divisions—Technical and Engineering Localization and Translation Services Division and Medical and Pharmaceutical Localization and Translation Services Division. Both groups provide a full range of Arabic language services to support your strategic global communication goals, including:

We offer a unique depth of subject-matter expertise via our Advanced Scientific Knowledge network (ASKnetwork™) and globalization know-how for companies in the Aerospace & Defense, Chemical, Clinical Research, Energy, Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Technology and related industries. Our ASKnetwork™ of over 5,000 specialists comprises multilingual engineers, doctors and scientists working in over 75 countries on 5 continents.

Language Scientific’s unique Accreditation Program for Technical and Medical Translators, along with a rigorous Quality Management System, ensures the quality standards that our clients have come to depend on. Language Scientific is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100 certified company. We work closely with you to tailor a solution to best fit your needs.

At Language Scientific, we are driven by the mission to set the new Standard of Quality for technical translation and localization. It is this mission that drives our success and sets us apart as a company. When you need precise global communication, Language Scientific is the clear choice.

Arabic/Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) Language Statistics/Facts:

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the official language of 26 countries and is applied to the descendants of Classical Arabic from the 6th century AD. Although Modern Standard Arabic is the language use in most written documents and formal spoken occasions, the spoken language varies from country to country. Colloquial Arabic can be unintelligible both in both the written and spoken forms yet together these varieties constitute a sociolinguistic language.

Arabic Dialects:

  • Dialect
  • Classical Arabic
  • Modern Standard Arabic
  • Colloquial Arabic (spoken Arabic)

Countries where Arabic is spoken:

  • Algeria
  • Iraq
  • Mauritania
  • Sudan
  • Bahrain
  • Israel
  • Morocco
  • Syria
  • Chad
  • Jordan
  • Oman
  • Tunisia
  • Comoros
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Djibouti
  • Lebanon
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United States
  • Egypt
  • Libya
  • Somalia
  • Yemen
  • Eritrea

Arabic Speaking Country Data:

Country: Iraq

Capital: Baghdad
Population: 37,570,964
Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic: President Fuad Masum Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi
Currency: Iraqi Dinar (IQD)
GDP (ppp): $6,862.50
Unemployment: 16%
Government Type: Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Industries: Petroleum, chemicals, textiles, leather, construction materials, food processing, fertilizer, metal and fabrication/processing

Country: Saudi Arabia

Capital: Riyadh
Population: 32,170,694
Monarchy: King Salman of Saudi Arabia
Currency: Saudi Riyal (SR)
GDP (ppp): $784.4 b
Unemployment: 5.6%
Government Type: Monarchy based on Islam
Industries: Saudi Arabia has an oil-based economy, subsistence agriculture

Arabic History

Dating back to the 8th century B.C., Arabic is the only member of the Old North Arabian dialect group to survive. It dates to pre-Islamic Arabic inscriptions and is closely related Aramaic, Hebrew, Ugaritic, and Phoenician.  Descended from the Proto-Semitic language Arabic is in the Afro-Asiatic group of world languages.

Originally Arabic was spoken by small nomadic tribes traveling though the Arabian Peninsula. Arabic began to spread as Islam won more converts and Arab tribes began to conquer others and is now one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Today there are 12 different Arabic dialects which are spoken in 28 countries. Modern Standard Arabic is the medium of choice for situations calling for formality. Colloquial Arabic in all its dialects, is primarily a spoken language, used throughout the Arab world for daily affairs. Colloquial Arabic differs radically from the written language. Neither Modern Arabic nor colloquial Arabic are static languages and continue to add new words and concepts as technologies and ideas change.

Interesting Arabic Facts:

  • Arabic is spoken by over 290 million people today
  • Arabic is the third most spoken language after English and French
  • Arabic is written from right to left
  • Arabic is the language of the Koran
  • Arabic was a poetic language before it was written and some of the sounds are based on poetry

Arabic Translation Services

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