Globalization Consulting Services

Language Scientific provides technical globalization consulting services that enable companies to define, Globalization Consulting Services Imageplan and implement their global strategies into foreign markets. We approach every globalization consulting project with your business goals in mind. Our technical consultants analyze issues and define high level solutions and provide technical strategy recommendations for clients.

For example, our globalization consultants can help with regulatory compliance for product literature and even global product name acceptance. Language Scientific will review source materials for suitability of translation and adaptation (for example, if the source language is English and there is ethnocentric content which lacks an equivalent in the target language or culture, it may be best to eliminate it or find alternatives due to certain figures of speech, humor, etc.) We will review source materials for compliance in regulated industries by eliminating bias and checking for inappropriate content based on target audience and regulations.

Types Globalization Consulting Services

Consulting is provided for original material development (how to write for an international audience, controlled language [implementation of this and other LISA standards], which materials to use in which cultures for effective market penetration, brand analysis, etc.). Globalization consulting services that Language Scientific offers are:

Assessment of Technical Writing for Global Audiences

Many clients have challenges associated with multiple departments creating diverse independent content with no regard to how this content will impact a smooth translation specific to writing styles and document preparation.

In addition, clients frequently make choices that don’t maximize repurposing of translated information thus increasing translation costs. Language Scientific’s Technical Writing Assessment addresses these issues by:

  • Systematically assessing the relevance of existing content for users’ needs
  • Performing a Content-Reuse analysis to identify topics and sentences for reuse across documents
  • Deploying style-checking software to monitor style-guide compliance and provide ongoing training of writers
  • Training writers and editors about the impact of their linguistic choices on localization and customer support

Global Corporate Branding Services

You never get a second chance at first impressions. There are far too many examples of product launches gone awry because the product name was not properly researched in the target country. Language Scientific will evaluate your name, products, supporting materials and services within a target market to identify any potential cultural barriers that may hinder your success.

Language Scientific will assess the impact your messaging will have based on tone, content, format, design and other creative elements in worldwide markets and cultures. This will ensure that unexpected reactions are avoided and corporate branding and market presence is projected in the most appropriate way for that specific market.

Selling products directly into a foreign market or globally through the Internet carries certain risks. Organizations need to be certain that product names convey the right image in the foreign countries they market to. To be sure, messaging must be evaluated not only for the domestic market, but for foreign buyers with different languages and cultures. Some key elements to keep in mind include:

  • Pronunciation
  • Visual implications
  • Similarity to other words in that language
  • Possible offensive connotations

International Regulatory Requirements Consulting

Specializing in medical and technical markets, many of our clients operate in highly regulated industries where achieving and maintaining compliance requirements are essential to their growth and success. Not only is accuracy critical, the costs associated with errors and delays can be exorbitant. Below is a sample of regulatory documents that we often work with:

  • MSDS
  • Packaging
  • Product Labeling

Cultural Relevancy

Cultural relevancy consulting is an important component when looking to globalize. Cultures are diverse, and you want to make sure you’re making informed decisions when working within specific markets. Language Scientific works with teams of multicultural experts who not only have experience in specific industries, but also live in these target cultures, making sure they are always current with cultural nuances and preferences.

Through research and analysis we are able to provide clients with detailed plans and recommendations for marketing to specific target audiences, often defined by cultural heritage, language and ethnicity.

Linguistic Validation

With the significant increase in multinational clinical trial programs, there is a requirement for typical English Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) instruments to be translated and adapted for use in other countries.

Language Scientific provides a linguistic validation process that ensures that the final translation is conceptually equivalent to the original and is both valid and reliable. Linguistic validation of a document is not a literal translation but is conceptually equivalent to the original and contains culturally acceptable language for the country in which the translation will be used.

Cultural Awareness Training

Language Scientific’s Cultural Awareness Training educates and prepares companies for person-to-person interactions with different cultures to make sure appropriate protocol is followed in those target markets. This training ensures that your function’s success will not be hindered by an inappropriate comment or gesture.