Language Scientific’s ASTM F2575 Translations

Language Scientific follows ASTM (the American Society for Testing and Materials) International Standards. Under ASTM F2575-06 (Standard Guide for Quality Assurance in Translation) and ASTM F2089-01 (Standard Guide for Language Interpretation Services), we maintain our Quality Management System (QMS) and define processes and outcomes through a specified framework. These voluntary standards establish guidelines to provide consistent deliverable’s and to enhance understanding between language service providers and their customers.

We have defined our processes to follow 6 ASTM International Standard requirements including:

  • Standard Specification
  • Test Method
  • Standard Practice
  • Standard Guide
  • Standard Classification
  • Terminology Standard

What is ASTM F2575-06?

ASTM F2575-06 provides a specific framework to define processes and expectations for translation projects. ASTM F2575 details different ways translations can be approached. One method is that the GILT (Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation) process must be sensitive to cultural aspects of the geographic region and language of specific markets or locales. Another technique often used for government translations, provides that communications must be identical and uniform across locales and languages (without localization). ASTM F2575 also provides specific considerations before one begins a translation project.

ASTM F2089-01 defines a minimum standard of quality for interpretation services within different settings. For example, ASTM F2089 recommends that thre be a team of 2-3 interpreters for each interpreting session lasting longer than 45 minutes. Interpreters are recommended to switch every 30-45 minutes. Depending on specific situations, Language Scientific may have interpreters switch every 20-30 minutes. ASTM F2089 also provides a procedure for selecting the type of interpretation best suited to each circumstance. We at Language Scientific work with you to select the best type of interpreting to fit your needs. Whether its simultaneous or consecutive, escort or phone interpreting, we match the interpreting style that is right for your project. Language Scientific maintains a global ASKnetwork (Advanced Scientific Knowledge network) of over 6,000 Knowledge Experts and applies a nexus to match the most suitable and qualified interpreters to the interpreting project.

Language Scientific works within ASTM standards to enhance understanding between our clients and our Knowledge Experts and to provide quality language services.

In addition to following ASTM standards, we also have ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications.

Language Scientific is committed to uphold quality management and organization principles in keeping with ASTM F2575-06 and ASTM F2089-01 Standards. We stand by our translations and are able to offer upon request a Certificate of Accuracy to all our clients.

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